OWN YOUR PURPOSE - GLOBAL YOUTH EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM is a program developed by HOLISTIC RIVERS, INC. to give children living in slum communities across the globe the opportunity for the exploration of arts and skills with the potential for vocational and creative fulfillment.

ALICIA KANGAS places her team members through the same PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM that she offers to her clients, where she has developed twenty unique courses for her program. The purpose of this is not only for the advancement and development that it creates for her team, but to create a vast impact on youth in the slums, providing them with the confidence to believe in themselves regardless of their circumstances.

In the OWN YOUR PURPOSE - GLOBAL YOUTH EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM, we use a holistic approach with our children, assuring to focus on each individual child as a whole. Alicia and her team, work towards guiding each child to become more in tune with their hearts, minds, bodies, and souls, so that they can achieve what once seemed impossible.

While working with our children in this program, we shed deep light upon the beautiful gifts that already exist within each child, as well as celebrate each of their incredible accomplishments along the way.

We educate our youth by teaching them the importance of being nourished as a whole - mind, body, and soul. This is a key factor in youth development, yet something that is often bypassed by our overall society. All in all, we aim to give our children who once felt little hope at all, not only the means to basic survival, but a lifestyle that will empower our youth to become truly UNSTOPPABLE!

 HOLISTIC RIVERS, INC. contributes 30% of all company profits to this program. We are still however, in the early phases of our development and could still use your support. Anything that you can give towards the success in our mission, would be deeply appreciated by all of us! The more youth that we can reach in giving this impeccable life-changing gift to, the better!

We change the lives of our youth; we change our world! We must begin with the lives of our children!

I would love to support this mission!


 The youth participants of the OWN YOUR PURPOSE - GLOBAL YOUTH EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM have become exceptionally enthusiastic in acrobatics and are excelling at a rapid pace!

Three team members discovered by HOLISTIC RIVERS, INC., Julius, Edison, and Gideon, are Professional Acrobats who have been placing prominent dedication in their work with our children in the slums of Kampala, Uganda.

The area in which our children are practicing their acrobatic skills is a bushy place with an unlevelled ground located in the slums where the children stay. HOLISTIC RIVERS, INC. has her team members strive to make this area as safe as possible by clearing away the bushes, removing pierce materials, and leveling the ground to the best of their ability.

Though there is lack of well recommended facilities for the children’s practice, the children keep pushing and advancing from one level to the next, and it is our team members responsibility to keep our children safe, while at the same time encouraging, inspiring, and empowering them during their practice.

The delightful joy that it brings to a child's heart & soul when they gift another child in need, is an undeniably priceless gift!

With Christmas quickly approaching, our team would like to have the opportunity of being able to give our children, among others in the slum communities of Kampala, Uganda, the gift of Christmas this year!

In the circumstances of these children, this is the only way that they can receive a Christmas at all. We would like to hold a Christmas Party were these children can receive a nice meal, play games, receive one gift, and experience the joy of Christmas together! With several slum communities in Kampala, we will strive to gift Christmas to as many children and communities as we can. 

This year we would like to ask families whose child or children would like to gift one child with the gift of Christmas this year, to donate $20, which will cover the total cost for one child to be able to take part in our 2021 Christmas Party! 

If you would like to donate, simply click on the button below, which will take you to our donation page and allow for you to select the type of donation that you are giving.

We would like to thank you in advance for your donation and invite you to continue returning to our page to see all that is evolving with our youth as we continue upon the daily work in our mission!

My child would love to give one child the gift of Christmas this year!
HOLISTIC RIVERS, INC. plans to sustain a developed focus on one country at a time prior to further global expansion. Alicia has therefore placed prominent dedication and time into selecting her first team members to work with the youth in the slums of Kampala, Uganda. 


Meet Our Incredible Team Below!

Alicia Kangas


Alicia is the Founder of the OWN YOUR PURPOSE - GLOBAL YOUTH EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM. Alicia developed this program to give children in the slums the opportunity for the exploration of arts and skills with the potential for vocational and creative fulfillment. Beginning at only 6 years old, Alicia has succeeded in her passion, dedication, and determination to empower youth globally.

Musanje Edison

Program Coordinator

Edison is a Professional Acrobat who has worked for a variety of entertainment companies, both locally and internationally. Internationally, his work has taken him to several provinces of China, where he has been performing at a variety of amusement parks and theaters since 2017. Edison also teaches acrobatics for a variety of organizations, schools, and slum communities. 

Nakibuule Jovia Kisekka

Team Advocate/Youth Counselor

Jovia is a student at Kyambogo University pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering and Business Management. Her hobbies include singing, dancing, and spending quality time with her friends and family. Jovia is an advocate of teamwork, adores working with our youth to teach them the word of God, and counsel them through all that they would like further support in.

Kwizera Gideon

Program Leader

Gideon is a Professional Acrobat with 10 years of experience as a performing artist. He has worked for a variety of entertainment companies, both locally and internationally. Gideon is a student at Makerere University pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. He loves giving back to the community by teaching children his skills as a performing artist.

Nabukenya Assumpta B.

Administrative Coordinator

Assumpta currently works as a Liaison Officer at Namirembe Parents Primary School. She has a diploma in computer science, and is skilled in business management, data base management, and networking. Assumpta grew up in Masaka district and is the youngest of eight children. She is a huge fan of basketball, watching movies, and absolutely loves working with children. 

Musenze Julius


Julius is a Professional Acrobat who has performed for a variety of entertainment companies, including Hiccup Circus Uganda, the Liaoning Dingxi Company China, Beijing Wu Bang Pradesh Cultural Communication Company, and Marco Link Beluga Ocean Park. In 2018, he began his journey of traveling abroad to perform. Julius’s deepest passion is teaching children his skills as a performing artist.