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The Importance of Bringing Meditation Into Our School Systems

This Article I wrote that is posted below was published in the Winter - 2020 Issue of The Vessel, a Holistic Publication based in Duluth, MN.

Please feel free to share my article with anyone you’d like; school boards, teachers, students, friends, family - anyone at all.

I am so grateful for how much interest there has been in my article. Especially having students reach out to me to ask me what would be the best way in which they could approach their school board, as they truly feel as though they need meditation brought into their schools. 

It has touched my heart to have students following up with me, reaching out to me, and so inspired by all in which I have been sharing and posting. That I did not expect, and I am ever so grateful. 

Many students have shared with me how they have been struggling during this time with the distance learning, the elections, and our current pandemic. Some students have decided to take action in approaching their school boards, and will be getting back with me on the reactions their schools have, and if their schools took any action towards incorporating meditation into their schools. 

I feel honored to have the gift of helping to empower our youth, and the results in my mission have been absolutely beautiful and beyond what I expected.

I am currently collaborating with a variety of programs over in Uganda to help empower our youth, and I am in the process of setting forth further plans for when I travel to Uganda to bring holistic medicine, yoga and meditation over there, as well as empower our youth. 

I am so excited for the opportunity to be able to travel to Uganda, and it’s in my hopes that I may also teach holistic medicine, yoga and meditation while I am there to people who are interested in passing on what I teach to them, to other areas within Africa after I leave back home. 

If anyone would like a copy of my article emailed to them in any format, please contact me and I would be more than happy to send it your way.

If we all truly desire to see a huge beautifully powerful transformation take place in our world, why would we not be doing such a simple thing; incorporating meditation in all of our schools, from kindergarten through graduation!? 

Please read my article to have a further understanding as I am so very passionate about my mission in this and how greatly this one simple thing would change the entire future of our world! 

May we please take action to empower our youth! They are our future, and these children are such bright, beautiful, and brilliant souls! 

Much peace and love to all who are reading what I have written, and have found interest in reading my article! May God Bless your beautiful souls!

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